FAQ Storm

What is Storm ?
It’s a collaborative network of nodes for web developers, to monitor, stress test and check availability of web resources. Anyone can install the client on their machine

Can I collaborate to the network ?
Yes you can collaborate by installing nodes on your machine and contribute to the testing power of the network. If you want you can also contribute to the development of our open source client/server.

Why the client/server is open source ?
We believe that the capability of a connected network of nodes can go beyond what we have envisioned now, so we want to open the door to capable developers that can develop new features and capabilities to the network.

How many nodes can I attach to the network ?
There is no limit however only a max of 10 nodes for each IP address are considered in credits accrediting system.

I don’t have time to run my nodes, can I purchase credits ?
Yes, there are several options to purchase a plan to run the service, check which tier better suits your needs (link to demo page).

I have an idea which is the best channel to contact you ?
Please feel free to reach out on our open Slack Channel (link to slack)

How can I open an issue ?
We have centralized the issues on GitHub (link to GitHub)