How To

Create Loadtest

  1. Go to the endpoint health page: and click the "create endpoint health" button.

    Responsive image

  2. In the form insert:
    Responsive image
    • the number of nodes that must flow the requests.
    • The date of the execution of loadtest. If you put as soon as possible, you won't be able to change your load test.
    • The type of execution, single with the relative number of repetitions of the loadtest or time, with the time interval in which to repeat the loadtest. In this last case you can stop the loadtest before the time runs out and see the results for the actual time passed.
    • The flow of requests that nodes must execute.
    • The notification channels that are the emails of the users of the workspace in which the request domain is shared, and the bots always connected to those workspaces.
  3. Click the create Loadtest button.