How To

Install a Plugin from Market

  1. Go to the plugins market page: and click on the box of plugin which you want to install a plugin. You can search the list of plugins by a word filter. The click install button.

    Responsive image

  2. In the modal select the nodes on which to install the plugins or workspaces, in this case they will be installed on all the nodes of the workspaces. The click install button.

    Responsive image

  3. Wait for the plugin installation function to run in your node (the plugin folder will appear in the "storm_modules \ custom" path.
    { nodeId: 'storm-4ayq-kcp1vjflqjed',
    modulepath: 'system/plugin_install.js',
    'Cloning into \'github_com_coppolafab_cway-storm-redis-llen\'...\n\n> [email protected] postinstall /home/riccardo/stormnode/storm_modules/custom/github_com_coppolafab_cway-storm-redis-llen\n> node scripts/postinstall.js\n\nadded 5 packages from 4 contributors and audited 5 packages in 2.137s\nfound 0 vulnerabilities\n\nnpm notice created a lockfile as package-lock.json. You should commit this file.\nnpm WARN [email protected] No repository field.\n\n' }
  4. To update the list of plugins installed of node follow the following tutorial: Update Plugins Installed List.