How To

Add Request

  1. Go to the requests page: and click the "create request" button.

    Responsive image

  2. In the first form insert:
    Responsive image
    • the name of the request, you can have more reuqest for the same domain
    • the protoclo of request
    • the domain
    • the path of the request (optional)
    • the port, that is set on 433 for get method and 80 for post
    • the method of the request
    • the timeout, the interval of time in which the request is considered expired.
    • the states of the nodes from which to make the request. If left blank by default all states of the world are taken.
    • if the time of conclusion of the request must include the response and if you want to ignore the security certificates
  3. Click continue.
  4. In the second form insert the optional header of the request Responsive image
  5. Click continue.
  6. In the third form insert the optional parameters of the request Responsive image
  7. Click create request.