Host Monitoring

Host monitoring is the service that allows you to monitor the use of the hardware components (ram, cpu and disks) of your device, and be warned if one of the components exceeds a certain threshold. You can save the settings of a host monitoring (the different alerts, the thresholds and the scheduling interval) as a template, to be applied as host monitoring to your other nodes. To use this service you must have installed a node on the device. To install it follow the following one of these tutorial: Nodes.

Configure a Hostmonitoring and Create Template

To configure a new or an existing Hostmonitoring and, if you want, save it as template follow the following tutorial: Configure a Host Monitoring.

Disabled/Enabled a Hostmonitoring

To disabled or enabled an existing Hostmonitoring follow the following tutorial: Disabled or Enabled a Host Monitoring.

Configure Hostmonitoring from Template

To configure a Hostmonitoring form template follow the following tutorial: Configure Host Monitoring from Template.