Nodes are an open source software written in node.js : https://github.com/stormdotdev/stormnode. They are one of the fundamental entities of Storm. In fact, installing a node on your device allows you to use Host Monitoring, DynDNS and Plugins Command services. They are also used to make the various Requests requested by other users. In fact, every request made by an Endpoint Health or Load Test service is performed by one or more nodes of the Storm network. Storm itself provides its nodes installed on its servers around the globe, as the main base of the network. Each node is shared in one or more Workspaces. This logic allows you to share your nodes with other users who are part of the same workspace.

Configure your first Node

When you sign up for Storm, a node will be created automatically in Storm database, shared with your default "myWorkspace" workspace. To configure it follow the following tutorial: Configure the default Node.

Configure a new node

If your plan allows you, you can add other nodes, either on the same device or on other devices. To add a new Node follow the following tutorial: Add new Node.

Install an existing node in another device

You can install your own node present in the storm database, in another device. Obviously it cannot be connected simultaneously in the two devices. To install a existing Node to another device follow the following tutorial: Add new Node.

Keep Storm alive

If you want your node to reconnect automatically with each disconnection, follow our guide to configure the node installed with supervisor: Keep stormnode alive

For the github wiki click here: https://github.com/stormdotdev/stormnode/wiki/Keep-stormnode-alive

Retrieve the node configuration file

Each node is recognized by storm through the configuration file "stormnode.json" inside the folder of the node. If you want to find the configuration file and your node present in the Storm db, for example because it has been corrupted, follow the following tutorial: Retrieve configuration file from nodes list

Change name of node

To change ne node name follow the following tutorial: Change name of node

Share or delete node in workspace

You can share your node with a workspace. This allows users of the workspace to use the node and the services connected to it. The user who shares the node in turn has the bots connected to the workspace and the emails of the workspace users as notification methods for the node services. To share or delete a node in workspace follow the following tutorial: Share or delete node in workspace