Hi there, I'm Storm. A collaborative network of nodes.

Manage, monitor and stress test your web resources.

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Features overview

This is our feature set, zero effort, you just have to install our opensource agent, we make your work simple!

Host Monitoring

Monitor your web resource status, get notifications in real time via email, telegram, slack or other channels. Share the monitoring results with your team.

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Load Test

Load test on your web app, from thousands of nodes spread over 5 continents. You will have in-depth statistics on DNS Search times, TCP Connection, TLS Handshake, First Byte, Content Transfer. No installation needed.

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Run command

You can extend the node agent at will by creating customized plugins, or use our constantly evolving archive. You can run any command on your node, receive data, view it in graphs and receive notifications in real time.

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Automate any process, connect Plugin Commands, API Requests, Notification Channels and more. Mix them with Logical Operators, Decision Flows and Input/Output Arguments and data passed by each task. Build it entirely through our visual editor. Execute it via Dashboard or API Endpoint and look at the execution flow history.

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Dynamic DNS

Simple dynamic DNS service, updates in real time, name on a customizable third level domain

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Endpoint health

By monitoring the status of an endpoint, you can continuously test the endpoint starting from every 1 minute and be informed in real time on the health status.

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DNS Checker

Check the dns of any address, keep under control the reachability from every part of the globe, check the propagation in real time.

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  • Light

    It's a small software (only 13kB) written in NodeJs. It consumes less than 30 MB of ram. It installs in 5 minutes, a git clone and off you go. You only need nodejs. You can also use our unique installer. Linux, Windows, MacOS

  • Secure

    stormnode is open source, you can study it, verify, fork the project (git repo). No inbound ports are required. In addition, you can sign each command with your own private key.

  • Extensible

    You can implement the functionality of your node by simply adding a plugin among those already available, you can also create a custom plugin in less than 10 minutes (start here). Monitor, update, logging, distribute, there are no limits to what you can do.


All the magic revolves around a simple agent, Stormnode.

Whether you only have a laptop or 200 servers, nothing changes. You will have full control of everything conveniently from a web interface.

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Real performance indicator

AB load test doesn't give you accurate insight, since it's usually performed via high speed bandwidth. With Storm you can get real data on how your application is performing on high load and from different parts of the globe.

Global testing

With Storm you got access to a versatile network of virtual users sparse around the globe, start earning credits by installing a node, or inviting new users to the system.

We are here to help

We love to have your feedback on how we can improve Storm. Our dedicated support on Telegram and Slack makes interacting with us hassle-free and efficient.

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    “We’ve been using Storm to monitor al the production server here in Tesla. Needless to say was a 10x return investment.”
    Elon Musk
    CEO at Tesla (this is what we want to achieve)
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    “Finally at Stack Overflow we have something really good to monitor the real performance of our web site abroad.
    Joel Spolsky
    One day he will say this, we hope :)
Get involved now!

There are several ways in which you can contribute to the storm growth: add nodes to the network, invite your friends to the system or help our open source project with your code!

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